The Washroom Collective
(interactive site specific performance installation)


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The Washroom Projects

in the basement of the Foundry

every day from the 13th - 18th of September 2005

8 pm - 10 pm


The evolutionary shedding of bio-science • an analysis
visual, sound, performing arts installation

The advancement of waste management has evolved in society beyond the capacity of the land. Today our reserve and compassion for the environment has led to a conscious revaluation of reality.

Visual, sound and performing artists submerge together into an interactive multi-media arts adventure in the vast basement of the Foundry. Over five days The Washroom Projects (TWP) will develop one installation per day based on five themes (skin, captured, courage, moment of truth, sacrifice). By the end of each performance and composite TWP will compose a complete analysis.

All invited artists come prepared with their own individual concept regarding the theme of the day. During the two-hour process in the basement all concepts merge into each other via visual, sound and performing interaction in order to create one final installation. This installation is the frozen state of art which you see in museums and galleries. TWP want to concentrate on the process of art and its traces which inspire a new creation. Every new day rises from the remains (frozen installation) of the previous day. On the last day (Sunday, 18th of September) there won't be any performances. It is the end of the process, an accumulation of traces of a culture that has come to an end...

The Foundry's basement will serve as the 13th project for TWP between the hours of 8 pm & 10 pm on the following days:

13th September 2005
14th September 2005
15th September 2005
16th September 2005
17th September 2005
• Haut (German skin)
• capturado (Spanish captured)
• coragem (Portuguese courage)
• moment de vérité (French moment of truth)
• gisei (Japanese sacrifice)

Entrance is FREE and we look forward to seeing you there.

The Foundry
84-86 Great Eastern Street
London EC2


Click here for more info for the specific days. These sites will be updated after every performance.



Jay Rechsteiner

strategic & conceptual planning
visual art installation

Siris Patel

strategic & conceptual planning

Pierre Schmidt

sound installation

Joanna Woodward


Eirini Karsaki


Paron Mead
(Thailand / UK)


Lina B. Frank


Rachel Corbett


Michael Harland
(New Zealand)

visual art installation

Achara Kirk
(Thailand / UK)


Eunji Kim
(Japan / Korea)

film projections and sound

Jonathan Lahaie

Jacqueline Mathys
Shuta Shinoda Shuta Shinoda
visual art installation / filming
no photo at the moment Agata Szymanska (Poland)) performance



Mike and Jay are carrying electrical equipment to the Foundry in shopping trolleys.